hockey portraits

I started shooting friends and guys I play hockey with using only film. Here is my first shoot.

Tracklo-Cross portraits

tracklocross II is coming up and I decided to show the portraits I shot last year before and after the race.

for more information about the race this year go to http://www.tracklocross.blogspot.com/



These are some shots of people walking going about their business.


Black and White

I gathered some old work and thought I would share.



This is some stuff I came across from about a couple of years ago. I went to the Meat Packing district and shot some portraits of my friend Kyle and his bike. Medium format with some Ilford film.



I couple of semesters ago I shot some portraits of my classmates. I messed around with the camera and this is what i got.


Last fall was wonderful. I think I produced some of my best work. Here is something I did on my own. My friend Ashley was staying in this great apartment and I decided to photograph her there.


I love bikes

I shot my friend Dan last year for an assignment. I went to his apartment and shot medium format.

Hellcat Alleycat Portraits

Last summer I wanted to shoot a series on women who rode their bikes. I did not really get going with this project, but I did shoot portraits of alleycat racers who raced in the Hellcat race. I shot film, medium format. The race was women only and it took place in New York city. Dagga got 1st place in the race.