Last spring break a couple of friends and I took a trip down south to SC. I brought my camera and shot my interpretation of a fashion story.


Yatika Star Fields

Yatika is a painter that comes from a native american background, who moved to NY to pursue his painting career. I met him threw the messenger scene and we have kept in touch to this day. Like me, he is currently not working as a messenger and concentrating on his art. He is also a rider in a film I am working on called EMPIRE.

I recently did a still and audio assignment with Yatika for class. Take a look.


Minimizing the binging for a while

Wasting way too much money that I do not have. I am cutting down on the cervezas and only drinking a couple of times a week. I am going to be drinking just whiskey when I do drink. Need to drink more water and lose this beer gut that I have acquired. Next time I see you guys will be december 5th. See you then...


The Filmmaker

For the past year and a half I have been working on this film called EMPIRE with Luke Stiles. Things have been on the down and down, but there is sunshine around the corner. You can follow the films progression and myself on TWITTER.