Heres a quick video...

So i have not really had time to upload any photos. The trip is going good, with a few exceptions that are beyond my control. I am in Uvalde, Tx getting ready to leave the hotel and Time Trial to the campsite which is about 42miles away. I am currently in second or third in the "tour de texas" so i need these points. As far as the other previous cities, Austin was amazing, Dallas was a lot of fun and San Antonio was very old world looking with a modern twist. Well enjoy the video and i will upload soon.

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In the SOUTH!

I have never been through this next 3 states. I cannot say that i was looking forward to Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas, but it was a good experience. Southerners are very nice and friendly people. I got money from this lady in Guin, Alabama although also in Alabama one of my friends got fucked with and almost pushed of the road. Car lost control and went into a ditch. The car was totaled and passenger was alright. She was "ok" just mentally rattled. The big cities like Little Rock, Birmingham and Memphis. I managed to pick up a couple of wins along the way bringing my total up to 6. Things in Mississippi were very repetitive. Arkansas was the better one of the three although Alabama was the best visually. Well here are some pictures. Ill update again before i hit Austin. Enjoy.


well in to this ride now...

Since last time ive posted we have been through south carolina and georgia. I am feeling better and have gave some of the guys a run for there money. we have been racing to destinations and passing a long a ring for the champion of the day. just making things competitive amongst the group i guess to make the ride a little bit more exciting. camping is fun but it does not compare to staying in a hotel. Spent the 4th in Charlotte and that was a blast. I do not remember most of the night. ATL was cool. I met up with Matt who is a local messenger and he showed me around. I also got a chance to get a beer with my uncle. Track bike is still holding up. I recently ordered bullhorns so well see what happens. I am switching from road drops to risers at the moment and went back to riding 49x17. I feel like i can climb and descend better. Next state on the map is Alabama...


Going down the east coast...

I am past philly and we have gone through baltimore, DC, richmond, charlotte and raleigh. Still on the track bike in back roads getting chased by dogs and eating in waffle houses. so far so good. I dont really feel as tired as i would. now i am starting to agree with my decision to bring my track bike. check out some pictures.