EMPIRE is a film I am making with Luke Stiles. Go on the Empire website to check out some videos and news on our blog. Here are some portraits I shot of the riders.


  1. good to see more of your portrait work
    i like "fried dumplings" the best
    the California set is cool too
    especially the ramps/wheelchair/flag one
    wishing i could rewatch the Empire BFF edit
    waiting for the full release

  2. Hey man,
    I don't know how else to contact you, but I sleuthed your blog down! This is Davey, the kid who got second to you in the king of vegas race :). I wanted to catch up and mention I've been checking out your stuff, I commented here because I LOVE these photos, very inspiring stuff.Esp. the fairly wide portrait shot of the guy stopped on a divider, the focus is perfect!

    I mentioned I'm working on a bike film as well, that's up and running, a hell-of-a fun time. Check it out on my bloog, which should link through this comment. I'll send you a version once it's done sometime in the spring!