15 days in Texas...

Texas was awesome! Dallas was fun, Austin was a really good time and cannot wait until I go back. Went to San Antonios river walk at night which was really nice to finally see. After San An we headed west on 90 and ran into a couple of cool small towns. First we spot in Sanderson, which i liked because it was an old railroad town. It is located in a valley and it had a really nice small town feel with a sweet little cafe. In Marathon, we met this awesome pilot/artist whos name is Gill. He had amazing architecture. Marfa was cool, but i expect more then what I saw. Everything being closed did not help. A couple of us went to this awesome house party which was a lot of fun. The hose played some salsa and merengue. Van Horn and Fort Hancock followed. Both were pretty uneventful although on the way to Van Horn I did see the Prada store in the middle of nowhere. El paso was a cool city which was a while away from the Border. I went to check that out and took some pictures of the wall aka "the fence". I also met oscar who hooked me up with the quickstep world champion jersey. Also ate at this pretty good pizza place which was the best pizza I had outside of NYC.

The tour started and now it is done. Heres a briefing on the tour. 6pts for 1st place, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 2 for 4th and 1 for 5th. 14 stages. 1st person to get to the truck/campground/hotel wins. There were a couple of sprint finishes which were fun. At one point I was in the lead and then I took a sag day after Austin. I was in no shape to ride. There was a little controversy on the way to Marfa. The two riders who won left 20min or so before myself or everyone else. I thought it was BS and they should of gotten there points taken away, but it did not happen. That would of put me at a tie entering El paso which I probably would of won or came in 2nd but not to the leader. I ended up getting second in El paso to Dan from Canada. This was the 1st time I got beat on a sprint. As far as climbs, I never got dropped the whole tour.

Final Standings
Bennett 49
Crihs 44
Matt 28
Blazer 27
Dade 21

Chadster and his whoas
Happy 30th Brian!
Whitesboro Inn Pool
Top 3 in Dallas
Dallas girls are fun

Aftermath of the big D
Camping is fun

Continuum Cycles sent me this in the mail
Dogs were on the move
I guess I am a perv
Sanderson was great!

All american diner

Heading to Sanderson, Tx
Bowling in Brackettsville

The Alamo

Bennito's gear
Met Gill in Marathon. He had a mini art complex. It was pretty great.
A little shave
Shopping anyone ?
The wall "fence" separating Juarez from El Paso

Texas was what I expected and more. I cant wait until I come back.

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